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Urgent Resources

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  • Sobriety and identification are not required for entry.

  • At both locations, staff will check belongings for shelter participants at entry. Shelter participants will keep with them only the items they will need overnight, including any medication; their other belongings will be kept in locked storage until they exit. Shelter participants are not allowed to keep weapons with them but weapons can stay in their belongings in locked storage to be returned to them at exit.

  • Bus transit through ART is free to Code Purple sites at night and from Code Purple sites to downtown the following morning.

  • Code Purple participants must be able to manage their own care (e.g. ambulatory or able to transfer between wheelchair and bed on their own, able to manage their own medications, etc.)

  • People on the sex offender registry are unable to access Code Purple at Salvation Army and Transformation Village.

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ART Bus Station


49 Coxe Ave.         
Free on Code Purple Days

3:00pm - 6:000pm

ABCCM Shuttle 

leaves from 24 Cumberland Ave. at 4pm on Code Purple days days for shelters

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